ill be talking abaout everything i made for #spring2021,and after plans for #summer2021

I been sewing alot latelly.

I been sewing alot, i just haven’t posted nothing ,My knitting projects are in a corner with dust πŸ˜†, i will get back to that in 2 months or so i believe.

BACK TO SEWING πŸ€— ,theres this cute ,cute dress pattern called the mimosa dress pattern ,a free pattern by #moodsewciety ,I’ve made 3 the black one was to loose ,the green was to thin needed some lining, the grey one i keeped, it fits great i changed the neckline because i feel like it looks better on me ,i got so many projects to show from #moodfabrics and #moodsewciety, i feel like they3patterns fit me better .

Trying to create a wardrobe that i love,fits and looks great,i been paying attention to colors of fabric ,print of the fabric, body shape and the undertones of fabric, my goal is to have a corrosive closet full of clothes all made by me ,trying to slower fast fashion is my goal.

More sewing patterns from Mood and burdastylemagazine coming up .🌱

Trying on mood patterns

This last couple weeks i found some really nice sewing patters for free ,theyre really cool andΒ  they all have an edge to them ,to the designer’s that put them toguetherΒ  πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘,also i didn’t do any adjustments to this pattern’s, i made size 8/10 for me on all 3 .

I have a couple more print out to sew ,i put toguether a small spring module with those patterns so far i got 2 tops, a dress,and 2 bottoms that i can wear every day ,here they are .

The #moodmimosadresspatternπŸ‘ ,it was so quick to put toguether i will make it again in a lighter jersey i got in my stash excited for that ,in the picture there is no hem ,but i finally put a hemm on the all skirt, so so cute favorite dress ❀
The #moodginkgopattern πŸ‘ this is my favorite blouse at the moment so cute i am adding buttons and bottom holes tomorrow finally to wear it
This is the #moodkleniapattern πŸ‘,this fabric dosen’t make me to excited,im truly thinking of going to look for a piece of fabric more fun ,it was in my stash ,the purpose is to use it before i buy anymore fabric, overall this is a beautiful blouse and i just really need a more exciting fabric for it .

I have this pants in my plans ,i believe this will be great for spring ,beautiful high waisted ,the drawing is beautiful i can’t wait ,im thinking of using some kind of linnen for this ,(i got nothing excited on my stash ) πŸ€”, that’s why they’re not done yet

The #moodwatsoniapants πŸ‘im in love with this trousers.πŸ€—
The paper bag shorts ,this look like a nice staple easy to add to my wardrobe and a every day piece .

At the moment those are the patterns i got going ,hopefully by the end of this week ill have the bottoms toguether to show off the all colecction ,my goal was to use mood free patterns to construct a spring wardrobe,im so happy with they’re fit ,i am using the fabric from my stash .

I need to shop for fabric reality is i got nothing left in my stash for this bottoms at least ,ill be purchasing some fabric from mood fabrics next ,πŸ€—, this were my last maybe 2 weeks of work i do think takes me longer to tape them together 😳,i was wondering if you just print them at home or send them to staples ? whats best way . thank you for sticking araound and looking at my 2 weeks of work ❀

#moodfabrics #moodsewciety #sewineithmood #mystash #mywardrobe #springstaples #patterns


this pattern need to be adjusted befor i make it again .

For starters let me tell you i don’t have any shades of pink in my closet,never cared to much for the color ,lately i wanted to try new colors and see what feels and looks nice on my skin undertone.This first top pattern is from my burda style magazine ,it had a 2 very large and long strips of fabric that would go araound my waist and made it bigger 😬,so i scratched those big pieces of fabric and decided to sew it on the sides,lets say that did not work ,i will need to adjust this pattern properly before i cut in to it again .

check out that long ,large tail there 😬

I was disappointed and thought that maybe my sewing mojo wasn’t back ,than i went through couple videos from a youtuber where she show’s here way of making sewing patterns ,and let me tell you πŸ‘Œ,here way is very simple and well explained,so i tackled in and started trying them out ,because why not and this is what i came out with ,2 beautiful tops in 2 hours, 😱 im gonna put here Instagram page down here because she deserves love , πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ, you will find here YouTube page there .

This time i matched my stripes πŸ˜€πŸ˜†πŸ‘ the bottom one is a jersey cotton fabric very confortabel the top one is a linnen that i had in my stash for over 1year ,Overall beautiful,easy to make and put toguether patterns, check here out she as a cardigan there i wanna make to πŸ˜†πŸ‘Œ

Back to my plan’s, after those 2 pattern’s came out good my mojo came back ,same day i put this 2 toguether ,i need red buttons and take a picture finished outcome i love this 2 tops .

The red blouse is my pattern the pink one is from burda style magazine ,a funky top with puff sleves stretch Jersey and a zipper on the back (LOVE THIS TOP) ,im still like in between patterns for that polka dot fabric i have in my stash for years now ,i would really like to use it

This one here maybe a dress or a blouse not to shor πŸ˜€

i found some cute patterns ,but i need fabric πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜† ,next ill be sharing my makes finished i got couple more things toguether that i didn’t plan πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜€β€ .thank you and take care

Finally some sewing inspiration πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

I been away for quite some time,i had no inspiration to sew ,offcorse,ideias so many ideias went through my head ,i needed long sleve tops,a coatΒ  but for what i thought, where will i wear them to ,i though to myself.

My tomatoes

The other day i was in my garden when i felted some inspiration coming to me ,Spring, flowers, red,yellow ,pink all the beautiful colors .I decided to really cut the crap and put toguether a small module to start,as i went through my stash i noticed i had nothing fun other than one print .

I think a blouse will be perfect with this print ,it’s my favorite plus i got nothing with print to wear spring
Another top i thought something with a long sleeve for the chilly days still .
i love a good stripe this one been in my stash for years,A wrap top will look cute and i got enough fabric for it 😊
A lighter denim ,super confortabel. I will be using for a a jumpsuit with pants, i made this jumpsuit before ,its my favorite very boho style.
I have 2 more ideias for 2 bottoms.

Believe it or not my stash is running low πŸ€”,i don’t have anything exciting for summer or spring ,i will have to stock up in dress fabric’s, i would love to had 2 to 3 more dresses to my wardrobe, the only one i keeped from last year is a mustard color and it’s my favorite at the moment,i wanna had more beautiful prints to my wardrobe, everything is very plain and casual.

The other think i would like to do is had colors that will look good on me with my undertones.Aparently i am a Deep winter ,and those are my colors ,i used a app i am not to shor of it butΒ  i do love all this colors, all beautiful ,so the plan is to next time i buy fabric to check my colors and play with it .

Thank you for sticking to this blog next i will be posting pattern’s ill use maybe ill make some pattern’s, ill see ,the patterns will be from the magszine Burdastylemagazine .

Have a wonderful week 🎈❀

My knitting pieces of 2020 πŸ˜·

  Hopping  everybody had a safe and healthy holiday and New year’s.

By end of March 2020 i stopped working to be home with my children as so many parents did,school’s close,everybody had to adjust to it. I found myself knitting or sewing in the afternoon as my children took a break or were just playing outside in our backyard.

#knitcrate #ravelry #2020

Im gonna show off all my personal knitting work i did till the last day of December 31 of 2020,I’ve knitted one last sleeve on this day πŸŽ†πŸŽ†

I have made alot more than this but for other people most of it Beanies, a sweater and a cardigan .

Pattern by and its called #trescaojumper

What a easy and comfy little sweater, easy to knit i made a few changes to it ,its the prefect sweater for spring/fall time here ,my yarn is from my #knitcrate subscription  .

Pattern by the name of the pattern #moosoneesweater

I love this sweater but i haven’t wear it too much πŸ™ƒ,it’s just not cold enough, i get so hot with it on ,the yarn i picked its a bit uncomfortable i will try with a diferent kind ,i used lionbrand thick and quick yarn .

Pattern by pattern name is #memoriessweater

I’ve made a couple of this they always come out perfect ,I’ve made for me ,my daughter ,my niece ,mom and grandma ,here patterns are easy to follow through and fast to makes ,i used yarn from my #knitcrate subscription  i will share my link if you would like to try ,you don’t need to use my link if you don’t want to ,its up to you. HTTP://RWRD.IO/ILK5I3R

Pattern by pattern name #pearlsonatringsweater

My daughter loves it she picked here colors from my #KNITCRATE SUBSCRIPTION  month of November worsted weight Rafael on top and bottom Spreassatura  made here a size 4 my gauge was just right ,i did bloke it properly and the neckline looks alot better,i will need to make another one but with a softer yarn i think ,overall beautiful pattern she makes some really cute patterns for kids .

Pattern by pattern name is #nightowlsweater

I’ve used yarn from my knitcrate , again, month of November the color is called Contraposto, its a burn orange 😻,i made the size xsmall i only had 600 yards, i still need to block this sweater and see how turns out ,so far i love it ,the yarn is super soft ,i knitted my last sleve on December 31st πŸ‘πŸ‘ ,last sweater of the year and favorite, i will make at least one more i added to my new list of #makenine2021 ,i wanna try to do some color work πŸ€ͺ ,ill be posting alot more now I’ve finally catch up with my little shop orders ,and new stuff and Candle’s and soap scents coming in soon,here’s my shop if you interested ,shipping available.well this we’re my makes of 2020 ,stay safe,and i hope everybody is having a good year so far πŸŽ†πŸ₯‚

HTTP://RWRD.IO/ILK5I3R -knitcrate link -my ravelry page -my Instagram page

Cookie ,Christmas of 2020

Lots button down shirts

My favorite shirt ,i been using this pattern #MC6044 ,and love this pattern super easy cute for summer awesome summer wardrobe adition . I had this fabric in my stash for years ,found it at Walmart, it was a small piece already cut up ,gladly i brought it home that day .


I adjusted the length on the pattern took abaout 2 inches to fit properly, did the same at sleves to ,fits perfect .

Fall wardrobe necessities πŸ™‚

I loved this sewing pattern so much that i made 1 for fall/winter ,this super cute plaid fleece came from @nickoftimetextil ,i didn’t really match the front ,bothersome, but i still love it ,ive order same print 2 other colors to try mach the plaid better πŸ™‚πŸ‘

it really bothers me the front but im still gonna wear it lol

Look at those colors, beautiful πŸ™‚πŸ‘.

one for my husband

At moment im working on one for my husband,hopping to finish tomorrow, i also adjusted the body length shorter and the sleves to ,the fabric came from @nickoftimetextil ,they still have it available πŸ‘πŸ™‚

Haven’t been sewing to much for me trying to catch up some work ,alterations and hems i got couple more pieces cut ,i will show them off next week im hopping to finish my #wfhmodulesewalong .i was wondering who ever made #ashjeans is there a specific amount stretch we need to have on our fabric ? ive made 2 pairs so far they don’t fit 😬lol,im open to tips thank you all for sticking araound πŸŽƒπŸŽƒ

Happy Fall you allπŸπŸŽƒ Chunky knitted sweater

Pattern by
the moosoneesweater

I was so excited when i found this pattern, i been looking for a sweater with a big turtleneck .

I used Thick & Quick yarn by lionbrand ,i got it at my local Michael’s store in one of those bags they have sometimes for 5$ πŸ˜€πŸ‘,littlely it came with 3 jumbo balls of this color it was. a great deal i made this sweater and im making a cardigan for my daughter that ill show next .

πŸ€—so cozy

I completed this sweater in a couple days little by little i would like to make one in a caramel color and oversizedΒ  πŸ€—,i just need time for all my ideias πŸ‘πŸ˜€.


Im hopping for some cold weather to start here so i can wear everything i been making for Fall seasonΒ  ,been working on my greatmodulesewalong , wfhmodulesewalong by tomkatstitchery ,if your looking for tips on putting toguether a module sew along shes the one to get some help with ,she as a YouTube channel plus Instagram,she inspire me .

not a good picture

Looking forward on finish some of the things im working on soon ,i did not do much out of my makenine2020 list  😬,i might not do that again because i changed my mind through out the year,i been trying to use yarn from my stash or that comes in my knitcrate.

this one might be next post

Thank you all for stopping by hopefully by next week illl have it finished. HAPPY FALL YOU ALL β€πŸπŸπŸŽƒ


love this sweater

The pattern is called TRESCAO JUMPER by ANA DEVOURTΒ  ,super easy to figure it out,the pattern is also free on RAVELRY ,link is; here:

haha πŸ€—

I got half sleve to knit to finish this cute sweater ,i did put on a different ribbonΒ  made it longer on waist so i can wear with my high waisted dawn jeans

i got this marcar hanging on my sleve on this month’s knitcrateΒ  πŸ™‚

The yarn came on my knitcrate of the month of February ,came with 2 skeins,i believe it had 350 yards each skein,i got an extra one to make it longer i got enough left for a beanie .πŸ€—

It came with a small book of patterns with it as a great beanie the name of the yarn is Audine Wools Shine Sport in Sprout,if you subscribe to knitcrate you get a small discount every month plus u get 2 skeins every month the color of your choice ,plus always comes with small gift like this month.

oh luke πŸ€—β€

I started this sweater march 5 😬,i kind put it on side till couple weeks ago πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ,i will put my link down here if you would like to subscribe to knitcrate you can use my link or not it’s a good subscription, the month of October will be super again πŸ‘πŸ€—πŸ happy knitting everybody have a great rest of the week and thank you for stopping by and reading my blog .🍁

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