Another Summer outfit

well darn i thought i posted this last Monday ,lol im still trying to figure this out ,plus the hashtags here i can never get them right i try to put all kinds info you might need to find the patterns or fabric but its been difficult my tags never work ,sorry everybody if you have any questions leave them in comments or email me i will answer to all of them .

this outfit is so cute

At this point im already getting ready for fall season ,hopping this 100 degrees go away fast ,usually our summer here starts in February/march and it will last all the way till Novembersometimes bearly rains here Back to this amazing outfit ,Very fast to put toguether and so comfy i do need to make adjustments to the top my Maria’s do not fit in there properly  😀 .

i need a new mirror 🙂

That top is smashing my Maria’s lol ,overall i love it so cute i used linen fabric ,feels really nice on this 100 degree weather ,very breathable.

those shorts fit perfect 🍑✌

This pattern is from mimigstyle  pattern #s9114 super easy to make and a good addition to the wardrobe ,my fabric i got it at my local fabric store good linnen ,i am thinking of making the trouser style again i need to look in my fabricstash.

i will adjust the  crotch or the rise of the waist  next time i thinknot will look better

i did my regular pleat on my waist part so it hugs my waist properly  , the button i got at Amazon .


littlely took me abaout 4 to 5 hours to put this toguether  ,Yes i now i should ve done my muslin first ,usually unless its one of my drapped patterns i do not make muslims i try to adjust the pattern as i go wear it see how it feels .

I been sewing for fallseason i will do a recap of my summer wardrobe and make a post abaout it ,i need to look see what else i made 🙂😏,thank you all for sticking araound

i will start posting my knits to i have few thinks finish lately i been taking orders of beanies and scarfs 🙂

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Hello ,im a passionate for fashion,style ,sewing and knitting ,here I'll be showing my makes and where i purchase everything .

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