My knitting pieces of 2020 ðŸ˜·

  Hopping  everybody had a safe and healthy holiday and New year’s.

By end of March 2020 i stopped working to be home with my children as so many parents did,school’s close,everybody had to adjust to it. I found myself knitting or sewing in the afternoon as my children took a break or were just playing outside in our backyard.

#knitcrate #ravelry #2020

Im gonna show off all my personal knitting work i did till the last day of December 31 of 2020,I’ve knitted one last sleeve on this day 🎆🎆

I have made alot more than this but for other people most of it Beanies, a sweater and a cardigan .

Pattern by and its called #trescaojumper

What a easy and comfy little sweater, easy to knit i made a few changes to it ,its the prefect sweater for spring/fall time here ,my yarn is from my #knitcrate subscription  .

Pattern by the name of the pattern #moosoneesweater

I love this sweater but i haven’t wear it too much 🙃,it’s just not cold enough, i get so hot with it on ,the yarn i picked its a bit uncomfortable i will try with a diferent kind ,i used lionbrand thick and quick yarn .

Pattern by pattern name is #memoriessweater

I’ve made a couple of this they always come out perfect ,I’ve made for me ,my daughter ,my niece ,mom and grandma ,here patterns are easy to follow through and fast to makes ,i used yarn from my #knitcrate subscription  i will share my link if you would like to try ,you don’t need to use my link if you don’t want to ,its up to you. HTTP://RWRD.IO/ILK5I3R

Pattern by pattern name #pearlsonatringsweater

My daughter loves it she picked here colors from my #KNITCRATE SUBSCRIPTION  month of November worsted weight Rafael on top and bottom Spreassatura  made here a size 4 my gauge was just right ,i did bloke it properly and the neckline looks alot better,i will need to make another one but with a softer yarn i think ,overall beautiful pattern she makes some really cute patterns for kids .

Pattern by pattern name is #nightowlsweater

I’ve used yarn from my knitcrate , again, month of November the color is called Contraposto, its a burn orange 😻,i made the size xsmall i only had 600 yards, i still need to block this sweater and see how turns out ,so far i love it ,the yarn is super soft ,i knitted my last sleve on December 31st 👏👏 ,last sweater of the year and favorite, i will make at least one more i added to my new list of #makenine2021 ,i wanna try to do some color work 🤪 ,ill be posting alot more now I’ve finally catch up with my little shop orders ,and new stuff and Candle’s and soap scents coming in soon,here’s my shop if you interested ,shipping available.well this we’re my makes of 2020 ,stay safe,and i hope everybody is having a good year so far 🎆🥂

HTTP://RWRD.IO/ILK5I3R -knitcrate link -my ravelry page -my Instagram page

Cookie ,Christmas of 2020

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Hello ,im a passionate for fashion,style ,sewing and knitting ,here I'll be showing my makes and where i purchase everything .

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