Finally some sewing inspiration 🤷‍♀️

I been away for quite some time,i had no inspiration to sew ,offcorse,ideias so many ideias went through my head ,i needed long sleve tops,a coat  but for what i thought, where will i wear them to ,i though to myself.

My tomatoes

The other day i was in my garden when i felted some inspiration coming to me ,Spring, flowers, red,yellow ,pink all the beautiful colors .I decided to really cut the crap and put toguether a small module to start,as i went through my stash i noticed i had nothing fun other than one print .

I think a blouse will be perfect with this print ,it’s my favorite plus i got nothing with print to wear spring
Another top i thought something with a long sleeve for the chilly days still .
i love a good stripe this one been in my stash for years,A wrap top will look cute and i got enough fabric for it 😊
A lighter denim ,super confortabel. I will be using for a a jumpsuit with pants, i made this jumpsuit before ,its my favorite very boho style.
I have 2 more ideias for 2 bottoms.

Believe it or not my stash is running low 🤔,i don’t have anything exciting for summer or spring ,i will have to stock up in dress fabric’s, i would love to had 2 to 3 more dresses to my wardrobe, the only one i keeped from last year is a mustard color and it’s my favorite at the moment,i wanna had more beautiful prints to my wardrobe, everything is very plain and casual.

The other think i would like to do is had colors that will look good on me with my undertones.Aparently i am a Deep winter ,and those are my colors ,i used a app i am not to shor of it but  i do love all this colors, all beautiful ,so the plan is to next time i buy fabric to check my colors and play with it .

Thank you for sticking to this blog next i will be posting pattern’s ill use maybe ill make some pattern’s, ill see ,the patterns will be from the magszine Burdastylemagazine .

Have a wonderful week 🎈❤

Published by Estela Nuñez

Hello ,im a passionate for fashion,style ,sewing and knitting ,here I'll be showing my makes and where i purchase everything .

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