this pattern need to be adjusted befor i make it again .

For starters let me tell you i don’t have any shades of pink in my closet,never cared to much for the color ,lately i wanted to try new colors and see what feels and looks nice on my skin undertone.This first top pattern is from my burda style magazine ,it had a 2 very large and long strips of fabric that would go araound my waist and made it bigger 😬,so i scratched those big pieces of fabric and decided to sew it on the sides,lets say that did not work ,i will need to adjust this pattern properly before i cut in to it again .

check out that long ,large tail there 😬

I was disappointed and thought that maybe my sewing mojo wasn’t back ,than i went through couple videos from a youtuber where she show’s here way of making sewing patterns ,and let me tell you 👌,here way is very simple and well explained,so i tackled in and started trying them out ,because why not and this is what i came out with ,2 beautiful tops in 2 hours, 😱 im gonna put here Instagram page down here because she deserves love , 👏👏👌, you will find here YouTube page there .

This time i matched my stripes 😀😆👏 the bottom one is a jersey cotton fabric very confortabel the top one is a linnen that i had in my stash for over 1year ,Overall beautiful,easy to make and put toguether patterns, check here out she as a cardigan there i wanna make to 😆👌

Back to my plan’s, after those 2 pattern’s came out good my mojo came back ,same day i put this 2 toguether ,i need red buttons and take a picture finished outcome i love this 2 tops .

The red blouse is my pattern the pink one is from burda style magazine ,a funky top with puff sleves stretch Jersey and a zipper on the back (LOVE THIS TOP) ,im still like in between patterns for that polka dot fabric i have in my stash for years now ,i would really like to use it

This one here maybe a dress or a blouse not to shor 😀

i found some cute patterns ,but i need fabric 👌😆 ,next ill be sharing my makes finished i got couple more things toguether that i didn’t plan 👌😀❤ .thank you and take care

Published by Estela Nuñez

Hello ,im a passionate for fashion,style ,sewing and knitting ,here I'll be showing my makes and where i purchase everything .

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