Trying on mood patterns

This last couple weeks i found some really nice sewing patters for free ,theyre really cool and  they all have an edge to them ,to the designer’s that put them toguether  👏👏👏👏,also i didn’t do any adjustments to this pattern’s, i made size 8/10 for me on all 3 .

I have a couple more print out to sew ,i put toguether a small spring module with those patterns so far i got 2 tops, a dress,and 2 bottoms that i can wear every day ,here they are .

The #moodmimosadresspattern👏 ,it was so quick to put toguether i will make it again in a lighter jersey i got in my stash excited for that ,in the picture there is no hem ,but i finally put a hemm on the all skirt, so so cute favorite dress ❤
The #moodginkgopattern 👏 this is my favorite blouse at the moment so cute i am adding buttons and bottom holes tomorrow finally to wear it
This is the #moodkleniapattern 👏,this fabric dosen’t make me to excited,im truly thinking of going to look for a piece of fabric more fun ,it was in my stash ,the purpose is to use it before i buy anymore fabric, overall this is a beautiful blouse and i just really need a more exciting fabric for it .

I have this pants in my plans ,i believe this will be great for spring ,beautiful high waisted ,the drawing is beautiful i can’t wait ,im thinking of using some kind of linnen for this ,(i got nothing excited on my stash ) 🤔, that’s why they’re not done yet

The #moodwatsoniapants 👏im in love with this trousers.🤗
The paper bag shorts ,this look like a nice staple easy to add to my wardrobe and a every day piece .

At the moment those are the patterns i got going ,hopefully by the end of this week ill have the bottoms toguether to show off the all colecction ,my goal was to use mood free patterns to construct a spring wardrobe,im so happy with they’re fit ,i am using the fabric from my stash .

I need to shop for fabric reality is i got nothing left in my stash for this bottoms at least ,ill be purchasing some fabric from mood fabrics next ,🤗, this were my last maybe 2 weeks of work i do think takes me longer to tape them together 😳,i was wondering if you just print them at home or send them to staples ? whats best way . thank you for sticking araound and looking at my 2 weeks of work ❤

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Published by Estela Nuñez

Hello ,im a passionate for fashion,style ,sewing and knitting ,here I'll be showing my makes and where i purchase everything .

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