I been sewing alot latelly.

I been sewing alot, i just haven’t posted nothing ,My knitting projects are in a corner with dust 😆, i will get back to that in 2 months or so i believe. BACK TO SEWING 🤗 ,theres this cute ,cute dress pattern called the mimosa dress pattern ,a free pattern by #moodsewciety ,I’ve made 3Continue reading “I been sewing alot latelly.”

Trying on mood patterns

This last couple weeks i found some really nice sewing patters for free ,theyre really cool and  they all have an edge to them ,to the designer’s that put them toguether  👏👏👏👏,also i didn’t do any adjustments to this pattern’s, i made size 8/10 for me on all 3 . I have a couple moreContinue reading “Trying on mood patterns”

Finally some sewing inspiration 🤷‍♀️

I been away for quite some time,i had no inspiration to sew ,offcorse,ideias so many ideias went through my head ,i needed long sleve tops,a coat  but for what i thought, where will i wear them to ,i though to myself. The other day i was in my garden when i felted some inspiration comingContinue reading “Finally some sewing inspiration 🤷‍♀️”

My knitting pieces of 2020 😷

  Hopping  everybody had a safe and healthy holiday and New year’s. By end of March 2020 i stopped working to be home with my children as so many parents did,school’s close,everybody had to adjust to it. I found myself knitting or sewing in the afternoon as my children took a break or were justContinue reading “My knitting pieces of 2020 😷”

Lots button down shirts

My favorite shirt ,i been using this pattern #MC6044 ,and love this pattern super easy cute for summer awesome summer wardrobe adition . I had this fabric in my stash for years ,found it at Walmart, it was a small piece already cut up ,gladly i brought it home that day . I adjusted theContinue reading “Lots button down shirts”

Happy Fall you all🍁🎃 Chunky knitted sweater

I was so excited when i found this pattern, i been looking for a sweater with a big turtleneck . I used Thick & Quick yarn by lionbrand ,i got it at my local Michael’s store in one of those bags they have sometimes for 5$ 😀👏,littlely it came with 3 jumbo balls of thisContinue reading “Happy Fall you all🍁🎃 Chunky knitted sweater”


The pattern is called TRESCAO JUMPER by ANA DEVOURT  ,super easy to figure it out,the pattern is also free on RAVELRY ,link is; here:https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/trescao-jumper I got half sleve to knit to finish this cute sweater ,i did put on a different ribbon  made it longer on waist so i can wear with my high waistedContinue reading “KNITTING A SWEATER”