Hopping everybody is having a wonderful labor day weekend, if you need fabric you should check one this of  boxes ,i got the one with the interlock knit fabric ,so good ,this will be great for pajamas for kids or evwn tops and leggings, i can add some print fabric to it ,it’s really cute good material  .

5colors with 2 to 3 yards each
washed and ready to be used 🤗
came on that box with couple fabrics i needed

i got this really cute flannels for button down shirts ill post them on bottom  ,i would say if you need some knits for long sleves,pajamas,leggins ,kids clothing this are so cute and good plus they do change colors every couple weeks so you wont get same colors every time .i got the box with 10 yards box it was priced at 45$ over it was they’re anniversary so it was cheaper but they are still at same price for the labor day weekend got get yours while u can .

some flannels  i purchased with Nick of  time textile good material its washed ready to cut now to
aparently im a warm autumn  and ill need to had some color to my wardrobe ,i have an ideia of what i meed in my wardrobe for fall but this test give me some ideias on what colors i can add more .

Today is a very important day,I will be posting the blog a day before my usual day,It’s my daughter birthday ,she’s 4 years old ,just the other day she was born, i will be making cake for here,chocolate is here favorite,my beautiful princess 🎉🥳❤🤗🙏,im very blessed❤,off i go to a very fun day with my baby ,take care everybody have a blessed day 😊



I’ve sewed this pattern several times ,i put it together myself ,it’s not perfect but it looks good ,im quite proud of myself 👏 at the moment i seized my pattern from small to large ,it’s a oversized shirt i love it

a nice back pleat
so cute

i used linnen fabric white color ,the buttons are wooden buttons,it looks perfect ,it’s defenatly a good pattern,im very happy with it .

took me forever to pick the right buttons than i had no ideia what side they were going lol

love the drop shoulder gives it a more a casual look .

this was my first time making my blouse  pattern

i had no idea how to put collar or to finish the sleves i  I usted to wear it like this alot, it worked i was proud of myself ,check out the dawn jeans best jeans i own 👏🙂,pattern by megan Nielsen, if you haven’t made this try it out .

im super happy with my pattern to me is perfect now ,super easy to put together,im excited to show what ill be making for fall 🙂👏over the moon .thank you all so much for reading my blog .

if you’re looking for a fall scented candle, natural stop by ,thank you

Monday shenanigans

A beautiful pattern, and my make nine 2020 list not done yet 🤷‍♀️😂

pattern by mimigstyle

This is a beautiful pattern so cute ,very fast to sew easy to put together .


It’s a darling outfit super comfy, the fabric choice was amazing to super fresh i do think next time ill do a stitch all way down where buttons are i think that will keep it together better ,on me that would be one of the changes ,i made 2 of this .

this one was for a client.

Most of times i wear it separate i actually prefer it separate as it brings more attention to each piece individually i will have to add length to the top so it’s more wearable for me overall very cute easy and noce add to my wardrobe.


It as been a good summer i made good additional pieces to my wardrobe ,i am try to change the flow make it more small colection type ,that will be fall wardrobe next ,i got some big a plans 😏

i love this toguether so cute

The top is wonderful with shorts jeans ,those are my #mndawnshorts i think im over summer sewing posts and sewing ,i made couple tops,tshirts, everyday casual pieces to that im not to proud of ,small mistake on the neck area i still wear them but i might remake them see how that goes 😀😏

It’s August and the other day i looked at my make 9 for the year of 2020 ,really bad i haven’t gotten to all my plans hows yours #makenine2020 going ?

i got 2 of this in kneedles hopefully to finish soon 🤷‍♀️it is a think right i migh not make this kind plans anymore lol

thank you for stopping by hope you all having a wonderful week stay safe 🍁

Another Summer outfit

well darn i thought i posted this last Monday ,lol im still trying to figure this out ,plus the hashtags here i can never get them right i try to put all kinds info you might need to find the patterns or fabric but its been difficult my tags never work ,sorry everybody if you have any questions leave them in comments or email me i will answer to all of them .

this outfit is so cute

At this point im already getting ready for fall season ,hopping this 100 degrees go away fast ,usually our summer here starts in February/march and it will last all the way till Novembersometimes bearly rains here Back to this amazing outfit ,Very fast to put toguether and so comfy i do need to make adjustments to the top my Maria’s do not fit in there properly  😀 .

i need a new mirror 🙂

That top is smashing my Maria’s lol ,overall i love it so cute i used linen fabric ,feels really nice on this 100 degree weather ,very breathable.

those shorts fit perfect 🍑✌

This pattern is from mimigstyle  pattern #s9114 super easy to make and a good addition to the wardrobe ,my fabric i got it at my local fabric store good linnen ,i am thinking of making the trouser style again i need to look in my fabricstash.

i will adjust the  crotch or the rise of the waist  next time i thinknot will look better

i did my regular pleat on my waist part so it hugs my waist properly  , the button i got at Amazon .


littlely took me abaout 4 to 5 hours to put this toguether  ,Yes i now i should ve done my muslin first ,usually unless its one of my drapped patterns i do not make muslims i try to adjust the pattern as i go wear it see how it feels .

I been sewing for fallseason i will do a recap of my summer wardrobe and make a post abaout it ,i need to look see what else i made 🙂😏,thank you all for sticking araound

i will start posting my knits to i have few thinks finish lately i been taking orders of beanies and scarfs 🙂

Favorite Jean pattern so far

here it is picture of my first pair of jeans 🤗👏

I remember the first pair i made ,gosh darn , i made so many pairs after that i love this pattern the keans are so comfortable and they look great i cut a size 12 and make an adjustment on my waist plus on my waist band i always make like a big pleat so i don’t get a big gap .

another pair that i loved

i made more than 12 pairs ,only couple were favorites ,it took me a couple try’s to make them fit perfect ,i like them to fit on me ,this one i lower the rise of my waist, it took me couple pairs to figure this out,my jeans can’t be high waisted i get uncomfortable ,so i lower them to a mid rise .

i never tryed top stitching with different threads 🤷‍♀️

One day i would like to try to make a nice top stitching ,i think i prefer them all one color,i like the look .I never put the buttons to ,a zipper it’s alot easier for me so i just go with it .

i never hemm them i just stitch araound and let it be
i made a couple pairs shorts dawn shorts this summer i lower the rise they’re very comfortable love the look of it .
those were a pair dawn jeans that i just cut and made shorts
dawn shorts

this pattern is amazing im making couple more pairs this month ,i can pull out a pair of jeans in 1 hour ,that fits perfect ,i still don’t now how to tag people here 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️,but pattern is from Meghannielse , and i can’t wait to try to make your ashjeans pattern

my brothersewingmachine

this week as most pictures, how i styled my jeans my shorts ,and tops i made ,have. a wonderful week ❤

holly molly another Monday another dress lol

love this color on me 💃

This sewing pattern is so quick to make and easy to sew I’ve watched first @tomkatstitchery making here’s, she as a YouTube channel and a Instagram, puts toguether module’s, very inspirational.

love the length and fit

This pattern is by @mccals sewing patterns #m7745 ,i have never made patterns from this brand it was easy to put toguether specially if you already have an ideia on how to sew clothes it’s very simple .

though abaout making top to lol

I didn’t made any big adjustments i will have to try make it again in linen fabric i think it will work to 💃

love that v neck in front

love it can’t get enough of it ,the fabric i got it at my local @rainbowfabricsturlock ,really good cotton material,i can’t wait to make more of this .

Again not many pictures i didn’t really took to many i never think of it ,its a favorite pattern really if you got a really nice cotton or linen at home pull it out and make it in a few hours ,overall a really good pattern that adjusted u can make a top and a skirt  and wear them separate to with diferent pieces 💃


Summer Wardrobe on the making

This summer i decided making most of my piece’s,and how exciting it is finding good linenfabric .

This dress makes me smile 😊

As a petite curvy girl i never find anything that would fit me so perfect made out of linen fabric at the stores, i used a pattern from a magazine callled burdastyle magazine 2019 issue,very easy to make and fast .

nop ,i didn’t put pokets 🤷‍♀️

I changed the pattern a littlebit i didn’t put the sleves on,i did a full bust adjustment and changed the skirt, added elastic to the back ,so it would fit just like that ,when i was done with the dress, and just than ,i thought about adding pockets, maybe next time 🤷‍♀️,it’s perfect 👏😊

the skirt

the top had alot adjustments

The pattern itself it’s supose to fit loosely,i didn’t took any pictures of the process of inside of the dress or back🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️,it’s something i forget,and it’s on the washer now ill add some if i remeber later on day ,It wasn’t nessesary to add lining to dress ,the linen fabric as a nice drape, and the color is amazing that beautiful yellow .

here’s a back picture
here’s the elastic detail ,not very professional but it works 😀
the front all finished on rong side 😀❤

I added wood buttons ,found them on Amazon, I’ve used this dress non stop this past month and it looks the same ,it didn’t shrink 🎉👏😊,the linen i found it at my local fabric store “rainbowfabrics”,they have a really nice burned orange color that i used to make a pair of summer trousers, will talk abaout it next time 🤗.

This week that’s all i have to say abaout my fun yellow dress,stay safe.😷

homemade Portuguese cheese 😋

Mystery box 5 yards of fabric and fabric haul i did

“shades of indigo” denim box

well worth this mystery box from #nickoftimefabrictextiles  ,i did some research before i bought it ,i could not find much information on this mystery boxes ,they have a couple types of boxes in they’re website,oh boy am i glad i got one of this 🤗 #shadesofindigodenimbox

the light to medium weight #denim,one of the pieces as some strech

That’s right i had no ideia what i was getting myself in to ,🤗, i got  diferent weights of   #denim ,they all got over 1 yard and 3 of them have almost 2 yards each ,again,good value for my money ,without a doubt,🙂,i see a pair of #dawnjeans and a pair of #ashjeans down the road 👏 #MeaganNielsenpatterns

medium to heavy weight denim .i don’t have any plans for this so far ,but something will come to me

yes this will be in my #fabricstash till i think of what to do, #denimjacket sounds amazing , 🤗.let’s see what else i got in my purchase goods 🙂

this will be in a mini colection ill be making for fall 🍁👏

I’m getting ready to create a little #fallwardrobe ,And who’s not ready for that cooler weather , #pumpkin’s , #knitting sweaters all the fuzzy things we love and adore #🍁i got some #italianpleatherwoven and some #Italianpleathervinyl and 2 pieces of burgundy and dark forest green #denimwoven mid weight, all good ,durable and fashionable fabric.

some swatches i got from this store last year #nickoftimefabrictextiles 🍁

They’re swatches come with good information on the fabric type ,price whatever info we might need .

Of to knitting 🧶 we go ,this week i need to finish this soon ,they will be send to #portugal #aveiro #🇵🇹 Olá ❤🍂🍁

My plans and bussiness

hello there hopping everybody is safe,so far this year has been crazy as some of us lost loved ones and jobs or eather, I stopped working in march 22nd and picked up on blog and my sewing machine 🤗.

it’s a hot Mess 🙂

As off March i decided to dive in to my small business that im hopping to grow as time go by ,yup that’s right ,as off now im a full time Mom of 2and my 2 fury animal’s plus a Dressmaker ,im so excited ive been getting ready for this a couple month’s now .

Meet my lovely partners in crime Maria the smallest dressform and Rose my newest partner.😀

Maria has been with me for over 8 years now,this year i purchased Rose on ,so happy with my purchase it got to me so fast and it came with everything necessary .Rose will help me most with my drapping,as i have a plan to get to work very soon .

a bit of my drapping there on my partner Maria

As off march ive made so many pieces, my wardrobe is 99%made by me 👏,i love every single piece i made,which ill be sharing everything abaout each piece.

this 2 i don’t have anymore,i cleaned my closet.

i love this 2 still my favorite,those shorts were once the dawn jeans pattern by Meghan Nielsen, i made 12 pairs of jeans last year, 😱, i love my dawn jeans. the top is from a burda style magazine as ill be sharing alot of my makes from there to .

ill be talking abaout my knitting work

That’s right my love for knitting, and my overwhelming #makeninechallenge ,😀, because who dosen’t like to be overwhelmed. I’ll be talking abaout My knitcrate, monthly subscripion where i get my yarn from.❤

thank you for stopping by ,ill be trying to post every monday, if not more ,❤🍂stay safe .😷🍃