Monday shenanigans

A beautiful pattern, and my make nine 2020 list not done yet 🤷‍♀️😂 This is a beautiful pattern so cute ,very fast to sew easy to put together . It’s a darling outfit super comfy, the fabric choice was amazing to super fresh i do think next time ill do a stitch all way downContinue reading “Monday shenanigans”

holly molly another Monday another dress lol

This sewing pattern is so quick to make and easy to sew I’ve watched first @tomkatstitchery making here’s, she as a YouTube channel and a Instagram, puts toguether module’s, very inspirational. This pattern is by @mccals sewing patterns #m7745 ,i have never made patterns from this brand it was easy to put toguether specially ifContinue reading “holly molly another Monday another dress lol”